Who's the Best Guild?

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The letter R!ight now, the Izzet have the most Planeswalker Points. So that means they're the best, right?

Well, kind of. But let's look at the numbers in a little more detail. (Warning: These numbers will be slightly different from the screenshot because they're from earlier in the day. As any Izzet mage could tell you, reality is always changing around you.)

Guild Points
Izzet 1,196,440
Azorius 1,062,519
Dimir 716,918
Simic 687,281
Golgari 573,337
Selesnya 426,569
Boros 409,609
Orzhov 379,854
Rakdos 367,086
Gruul 205,447

Well, not necessarily. Because the Izzet also have the most people:

Guild Members
Izzet 10,234
Azorius 8,564
Golgari 6,687
Dimir 6,489
Selesnya 5,637
Simic 5,195
Rakdos 4,511
Boros 4,324
Orzhov 3,573
Gruul 1,726

How about points per person?

Guild Points per Member
Simic 132.30
Azorius 124.07
Gruul 119.03
Izzet 116.91
Dimir 110.48
Orzhov 106.31
Boros 94.73
Golgari 85.74
Rakdos 81.38
Selesnya 75.67

Now the Simic are winning! And Gruul, who were dead last, are now ahead of Izzet!

But what if we looked at the people who won the last few big tournaments?

Pro Tour Return to Ravnica: Stanislav Cifka (Izzet)
Grand Prix Philadelphia: Shuhei Nakamura (Orzhov)
Grand Prix Auckland: Walker MacMurdo (Orzhov)
Grand Prix Lyon: Jérémy Dezani (Orzhov)
Grand Prix Chicago: Jacob Wilson (Simic)

Sure, there's an Izzet and a Simic in there. But three Grand Prix champions in a row were Orzhov!

If you're tired of Izzet's lead, remember that you have the power to change things. Have you picked a guild on Planeswalker Points yet? Don't you think it's time you did?

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