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The letter L!et's say you're a fan of the Izzet guild. So you go to the Fan Kit page to download the fan kit. But you stop. Why? What made you do that? Was it that you were wondering what exactly is in the fan kit? Well, wonder no more!

The Izzet Fan Kit contains everything you need to make an entire Izzet website. Or just make your existing web presence a little more Izzet-y. You can go small and just grab an avatar.

Or you can go big with all the design elements we use right here on DailyMTG, including the precise streaks and color palette used in official Izzet art!

There are also wallpapers (which we mentioned yesterday in the Wallpaper of the Week) and regular 640-pixel art.

And in addition to all that, the Izzet Fan Kit contains the Return to Ravnica kit, which adds the design elements for the set itself. Using these, you could make the coolest Izzet page on the Internet! Or you could just snag a cool Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind wallpaper.

In fact, all ten guilds have fan kits, and they're all available on the guild Fan Kit page. But this is Izzet week, so they get special treatment. You can download all 35MB of the Izzet Fan Kit on this page. In fact, right here:

Download the Izzet Fan Kit.

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