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The letter E!ach of the ten guilds of Ravnica (which you can learn about on the logically titled has its own fan kit containing high-res art, wallpapers, textures, logos, and everything you'd need to make a website themed to your favorite guild.

This, you might be thinking, is not news. Indeed, there was an Arcana back in November that went over this and showed the coolness that was available on the guild Fan Kit page.

However! Something new has been added, because we're now talking about Gatecrash! Here's what's new, in each guild's kit:

  • The Gatecrash logo in eleven different languages
  • High-res art of Gideon, Champion of Justice and Domri Rade, with and without backgrounds
  • 200x200 avatars of Gideon and Domri Rade for social media use
  • The Gatecrash textures and streaks
Gideon, Champion of Justice  Domri Rade

The guild Fan Kit page: won't you?

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