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Find a Prerelease Near You!

The letter T!he Gatecrash Prerelease is this weekend! And since this Arcana will be on the front page of DailyMTG the whole time, that could mean that the Prerelease is happening right now!

This provides us the perfect opportunity to highlight the foil alternate-art cards that are in the guild packs. They're like regular Prerelease cards, except that (just like at the Return to Ravnica prerelease) you can play them in your Prerelease decks! Here are all five, juxtaposed with their regular Gatecrash versions.


Treasury Thrull | Art by Mark Zug

Alternate-art Prerelease Treasury Thrull | Art by Lucas Graciano


Consuming Aberration | Art by Karl Kopinski

Alternate-art Prerelease Consuming Aberration | Art by Volkan Baga


Rubblehulk | Art by Raymond Swanland

Alternate-art Prerelease Rubblehulk | Art by Cliff Childs


Foundry Champion | Art by Todd Lockwood

Alternate-art Prerelease Foundry Champion | Art by James Ryman


Fathom Mage | Art by Ryan Pancoast

Alternate-art Prerelease Fathom Mage | Art by Dan Scott

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