What Happened to That Tablet?

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The letter T!his is Guildscorn Ward.

Guildscorn Ward | Art by Ryan Barger

The art, of course, is a reference to the Return to Ravnica card Tablet of the Guilds.

Tablet of the Guilds | Art by Nic Klein

As a bonus, here's the art description that Ryan Barger was given for Guildscorn Ward:

Color: White spell (unguilded)
Location: Unimportant
Action: Show a mage who is walking past the Tablet of the Guilds. A magical halo glows around him. We also see that as he has passed the guild symbols on the Tablet, they have crumbled and flaked off in response to the mage's passing.
Focus: The crumbling guild tablet.
Mood: The guilds have no power over me.

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