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The letter I!f you find yourself in a large mass-market store like Target or WalMart in the near future, you might see one of these:

That's a handy box full of these:

Wait. What? Computer, zoom in and enhance!

Yes, this is something new for Conflux: The Six Card Booster. It won't replace regular booster packs, and it will only appear in mass market stores. The MSRP for the six card booster is $1.99. While we never guarantee the rarities of cards within packs, the expected contents of each 6-card booster is a tips/token card, 1 land, 3 commons, 1 uncommon, and 1 slot that has an equal chance of being rare/mythic, uncommon, or common. You even have a chance of opening a foil card.

You'll always get a rare or mythic rare in a regular booster pack, but if you find yourself in a mass market store and only have a couple of bucks to spend on scratching your Magic itch, you now have this as an option. Enjoy!

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