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The letter W!henever a new set comes out, it releases a veritable treasure trove of new art into Magic. The vast majority of those are pieces on new cards with only occasional new art pieces on reprinted cards. With Modern Masters we have a bunch of cards with completely new art, as well as a handful of cards with art never before put in booster packs (such as art from promos, From the Vault, or other places.)

Today, I'm going to do a quick look at all the cards with completely new art, as well as showing you a select few in the larger view. I don't want to do this for all of the cards because, well, I need topics for future Arcana.

So, with that said, here we go! A side-by-side of old art versus the new Modern Masters art on cards. You can also see how the rules have changed since the card was originally printed.

What? The hungry Arcana reading horde demands more? Are you not entertained!?

Fine, let's take a nice look at four of the above pieces!

Trygon Predator | Art by Jack Wang

Arcbound Ravager | Art by Kev Walker

Bridge from Below | Art by Daarken

Manamorphose | Art by Adam Paquette

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