Fourth of July

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The letter H!ere in the United States the Wizards offices are closed as we celebrate the 4th of July, our independence day.

In American notation we write the date of July 4 as 7/4, which also happens to be a somewhat reasonable power/toughness. Let's see what a Gatherer search yields...

I remember casting Ashen Monstrosity a few times during Kamigawa block and even before that I made good use of Illusionary Wall. The most recent of these was Magic 2012's Crumbling Colossus, but sadly there isn't a 7/4 in Magic 2014.

So what if we're feeling a bit cheeky and we use international notation to instead write the date as 4/7, what other creatures do we turn up?

Well the 4/7 form is quite interesting with Elesh Norn, Jareth, Luminate Primordial, Tariel, and Myr Battlesphere! That's a spicy power/toughness!

Turns out the power toughness of 4 and 7 in either position yields quite a few interesting cards! Now I'm off to enjoy the day off and... wait... I have to do another Arcana for tomorrow? Back to work I guess.

Trick Jarrett
Trick Jarrett
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