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The letter A! little over a month ago we launched the Ignite Your Spark Contest, which challenges fans to submit a photo of themselves auditioning to become the Planeswalker of their choice. The grand-prize winner will receive a trip to the PAX of his or her choice in 2014 and select a WPN store of his or her choice to win a pizza party. The contest isn't over yet (entries close September 5), but we have some pretty awesome submissions so far. We'd like to take a moment to share some of the great entries to help inspire you when you enter your own image.

There is still time to enter! Go to for official rules and information on how to enter the contest. While you're at it, make sure you watch the Chandra Audition video as well!

Jon Hickey
Jon Hickey
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A Planeswalker since 1994, Jon spends most of his time at Wizards on the Facebooks, Twitters, and Instagrams. He likes to talk about his sweet collection of Erhnam Djinns from back in the day, but no one in the office cares.

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