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The letter S!eptember is going to have its Mondays made just a little better. And by a little, I mean a lot. The folks over at Magic Online are running Modern Masters drafts every Monday of the month!

Do you have Magic Online? No? Download it now for Windows! Also if you're looking for more Magic Online news, follow @MagicOnline.

Every two hours of the day, a 64-player Modern Masters Top 8 Premier Phantom Draft will fire. The event is a 6-round single-elimination event; anyone who goes 3-0 to start the event will get to draft again! If the event fails to fill 64 seats, refunds will be fulfilled within two business days.)

Entry to the event is either 15 Event Tickets OR 6 Event Tickets and 15 Phantom Points.

What do you win? Well, the winners will get a Magic Online From the Vault: Twenty, among other things!

Prizes are as follows:

1st: 300 Phantom Points, 1 From the Vault: Twenty, 6 Qualifier Points
2nd: 150 Phantom Points, 5 Qualifier Points
3rd–4th: 75 Phantom Points, 4 Qualifier Points
5th–8th: 30 Phantom Points, 3 Qualifier Points
9th–16th: 15 Phantom Points
17th–32nd: 6 Phantom Points
33rd–64th: 3 Phantom Points

All Qualifier Points earned during September go towards getting the Underground Sea promo as part of the Magic Online Championship Series.

As if talking about drafting Modern Masters wasn't awesome enough, the Magic Online team needs your help! With every new set release we bring back the Magic Online Cube as a palate cleanser between draft formats. We pair it with another draft format for prizes such as last time when we paired it with the awesome Rise of the Eldrazi draft format.

Starting today, we're opening the choice of the format to pair with the Magic Online Cube to you all, so cast your vote below. The poll will run through the Community Cup and close at midnight Sunday night, September 1, 2013, 9 p.m. Pacific.

  Choose your draft format!  
Innistrad / Innistrad / Innistrad
Rise of the Eldrazi / Rise of the Eldrazi / Rise of the Eldrazi
Ravnica / Guildpact / Dissension
Shadowmoor / Shadowmoor / Shadowmoor
Mirrodin Besieged / Scars of Mirrodin / Scars of Mirrodin

Did all this talk about Magic Online excite you? Ready to download? Here's the link one more time.

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