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The letter G!ame Day is the third step on Theros's Hero's Path. If you go to your local game store you'll be able to both play in Game Day as well as take on the challege of defeating the Hydra!

Starting October 19, 2013, stores will begin having a new sort of activity for players to try and it's something we call a "Challenge Deck." This is a completely new way to play Magic.

We'll be diving more into the deck in the coming weeks but we wanted to show you what it looked like and remind you all to mark your calendars for Theros Game Day!

Coming up slightly sooner is the Theros Prerelease, which features something else new. Since we're giving out new Hero cards at the Prerelease and the Release, we wanted players to have a way to keep them safe. So we're also providing stores with some Theros themed nine-pocket card sheets. While supplies last, stores will receive the sheet and be able to distribute them to players how they see fit.

Hopefully you're as excited for the Prerelease as I am! I can't wait to cast my Gods and fight with my heroes!

Trick Jarrett
Trick Jarrett
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