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The letter L!ast week we introduced you all to the latest You Make The Card: Waste Not. At 1 ManaBlack Mana it is aggressively costed and seems to have a lot of people excited at its potential. Along with revealing it's cost we also revealed the final art by Matt Stewart, but at card size you can't really see it.

Location: A nasty trash heap outside a small settlement
Action: We see a RAG MAN, a hunched and withered humanoid figure who appears to be held together by frayed ropes and worn leather straps. The being is standing triumphantly atop a heap of bones, broken armor and weapons, and other less identifiable trash. It is holding up a skull in one hand; the other hand clutches a filthy sack that is bulging with "treasures." A glow of purplish power surrounds the Rag Man and the skull.
Focus: The glowing figure.
Mood: Creepy yet eco-friendly.

Personally I love the mood of "creepy yet eco-friendly" and I think Matt's art turned out amazing.

Waste Not | Art by Matt Stewart

But let me highlight also two other particularly awesome pieces of detail Matt did. First, check out the detail on the face and the rags.

And then also check out the glowing skulls in the bag. Just awesome!

Check out Matt Stewart's website to see more awesome art he's done, order from his shop, or check out his blog!

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