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The letter M!agic players use the art to identify cards, many do so more than the actual written name. Looking across the battlefield you can see what you're facing just by seeing the renderings of Magic's amazing artists. But, can you identify the card just from the descriptions? I'm betting you might have some trouble even though, once you see the card, it becomes obvious.

Location: Waterfall

Action: In Greek mythology, many aspects of nature were infused with life. Design an elemental creature created from the mist of a waterfall that feels at home in a Greek myth. It has flying so show it hovering in the air. Maybe it resembles an ethereal bird with a long, coiling mid-section.

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Location: An island with shipwrecked boats

Action: Sirens are a race of bird-winged humanoids whose enchanting songs lure sailors to their deaths on rocky islands. Show a siren circling above one of the shipwrecked boats on a stormy day.

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Location: A wilderness location of your choice
Action: Show a female warrior from Setessa fighting a centaur. She's just stabbed it with a long spear. The centaur is reared back or falling over from the blow. Although she is much smaller, she has triumphed over her opponent.

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Location: Ruins in a swamp
Action: Show a winged demon aloft in a stormy sky. Harpies circle the sky in the background. Below, there are the ruins of a Greek temple partially sunk into the swamp.
Focus: The demon

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Trick Jarrett
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Patrick "Trick" Jarrett is the editor-in-chief of as well as working deeply on other web projects for Magic. He's an ardent Commander player with a beloved Kiki-Jiki Commander deck he's always eager to play with new people.

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