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The letter T!his weekend, Legacy and Vintage players will descend upon the Pennsylvania Convention Center for Card Titan's event called Eternal Weekend, where both this year's Legacy and Vintage Championships will be held.

They will stream the event courtesy of our friends at, with Hall of Famer Randy Buehler and Matt Elias on Saturday, and Randy with Invitational winner Chris Pikula in the booth on Sunday.

The Legacy Champion receives a special alt-art trophy of Wasteland by Steven Belledin.

Wasteland | Art by Steven Belledin

And the Vintage Champion receives a special alt-art trophy of Ancestral Recall by Ryan Pancoast.

Ancestral Recall | Art by Ryan Pancoast

There will be plenty of things for people to do at the event aside from the two main event championships, with side events, card vendors, and a host of Magic artists! The artists announced as of this post are: Mark Poole, Dan Frazier, David Palumbo, Bryon Wackwitz, Jeff Menges, Matt Stewart, and Chuck Lukacs.

To learn more about the event, the side event being offered, and the full prizes for all events, visit the official information site at

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