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The letter T!his week, we are rolling out a Black Friday/Holiday Sale/You-Are-Awesome deal! You'll be able to buy Magic 2014—Duels of the Planeswalkers for 50% off, both the main game and the expansion!

Here's the run-time for this promotion based on your chosen platform:

  • Sony Playstation North America: November 26–December 3
  • Sony Playstation Europe: November 29–December 2
  • Sony Playstation Japan: November 28–December 3
  • Sony Playstation Asia: November 28–December 4
  • iOS: November 28–December 2
  • XBLA: November 29 only
  • Amazon (Android): November 28–December 3
  • Google Play (Android): November 28–December 2
  • Steam: November 27–December 3

If you haven't played Magic 2014, you definitely should check it out! It's a great way to escape from the holidays and give yourself some time for quiet respite.

Need help finding it on your chosen platform? Here, let me help.

Trick Jarrett
Trick Jarrett
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Patrick "Trick" Jarrett is the editor-in-chief of as well as working deeply on other web projects for Magic. He's an ardent Commander player with a beloved Kiki-Jiki Commander deck he's always eager to play with new people.

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