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During the holiday rerun weeks, we are presenting some of the year's most popular Arcana articles. It was a challenge to narrow down to just ten, so we hope you enjoy this look back into 2013!

—DailyMTG Staff

The letter H!ello and welcome to another Arcana quiz! This quiz focuses on Theros and its top-down mythology influences. To do well on this quiz you should be up to date on the cards we've revealed from Theros, so be sure to visit the card image gallery and have some knowledge of ancient Greek and Roman mythology before you dive into this quiz. Good luck!

A few quick notes! First off, this quiz debuts the text entry capability! So you're be able to type in the card name for the first time! Unfortunately it is English only, and spelling matters—so be careful.

The letter Q!1. Wild and Wonderful - The goddess Diana was the Roman goddess of nature. Theros's gods are their own unique beings with different personalities and domains. However, the green god, carrying a quiver of four arrows—one for each season—is closely related to Diana. What's her name?

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The letter Q!2. Gifts Unwanted - The Trojan War has numerous stories that have ascended into myth, including the one of the Trojan Horse. The polis of Akros came up with a similar strategy, which is represented by a new artifact creature in Theros.

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The letter Q!3. Firey McFireson - Where does fire come from? It's such a universal tool that almost every culture in history has an origin story of where it came from. The Greek's believed it was brought by the titan Prometheus against the will of the gods. What card represents Prometheus?

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The letter Q!4. Circe has a Temper - What card from Theros best represents the story of Circe and Odysseus's crew's tail?

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The letter Q!5. Styx and Stones - What card from Theros best represents a fateful adventure which may or may not include meeting Charon, but definitely involves crossing a river?

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