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The letter H!ere we go with another set's stack of tokens, from Wolves to Cat soldiers to Zombies—let's take a look!

Aerie Worshippers was introduced in Limited Information and it creates a blue enchantment creature Bird token as you can see!

Birds play a powerful part in ancient Greek mythology, being used by oracles and as messengers to the gods.

Both Brimaz, and Vanguard of Brimaz, create these Cat Soldier tokens.

The Centaurs, like Cat Soldiers, have two cards that generate them.

As with most red Elemental tokens, the Born of the Gods ones feature a higher power than toughness, as a way of showing their inherent weakness to things around them such as... water?

The powerful sea creature that answers Kiora's call and what she leaves behind after you ultimate her.

And here is the new Soldier token in Born of the Gods to join the Theran ranks.

Raised by Wolves was previewed by our friends over at LoadingReadyRun; if you haven't watched their video yet you should.


And how do you get a Gold token? You'll just have to wait and see.

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