Fated Retribution

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The letter C!haos does not fall into white's slice of the color pie. However, righteous fury and divine acts of annihilation do. Today we're looking at the card Fated Retribution.

Seven mana for a board clear is expensive, but the fact this hits Planeswalkers ensures this card will see play at Commander tables. The act of scrying two will also help you hopefully draw into something that helps reestablish your board presence.

Here's the art description from the creative team:

Show an entire polis being blasted by rays of blinding light from above. The rays cut through buildings and the landmass causing everything to fall off the edge of the world. The ocean is cascading into the starlit void in a massive waterfall along with the landmass that is supporting the polis. Walls and towers are crumbling and falling into space, tiny people are toppling into the void.

If that isn't a description for divine havoc, I don't know what is. The art shows lots of motion, with things caught in mid-flight as if this polis were just hit by the blast of a god's fury. A lot of those details are hard to pick up when the art is at card size so I wanted to make sure you got a chance to appreciate them.

Fated Retribution | Art by Jonas De Ro

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