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The letter T!his Friday, Duel Deck: Jace vs. Vraska releases, giving us our final look back at the most recent visit to Ravnica. A few weeks ago, we unveiled the deck lists and the new art on cards, and today, we're taking a closer look at a couple of those pieces of art.

First, here's Night's Whisper.

Night's Whisper | Art by John Severin Brassell

Art Description:

Action: Vraska whispers into the ear of a female Golgari elf. The elf faces the camera, while Vraska is in profile. Her gorgon tendrils coil around the elf's head. The elf has her eyes closed. Vraska is amused by the elf’s discomfort.
Focus: Vraska
Mood: You’ll want to hear this.

And then let's take a look at the new Future Sight.

Future Sight | Art by Dan Scott

Art Description:

Action: This spell enables the caster to see into the future. Represent this symbolically. Perhaps, for example, we see a treeline in which the foreground trees are bare and wintery, the midground trees are budding, and the background trees fade from green and full into autumnal. You could also show the moon's whole arc in the sky -- a curving row of waxing, full, then waning moons. you are free to pitch other solutions that get the idea across in a fantastical way.
Focus: the time-lapse vision into the near future
Mood: A wise mage's perception cuts through time.

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