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The letter I!t's Fated Week here at, so let's look at the Fated cycle from Born of the Gods! Trick took a close-up look at one already, but since Mark Rosewater wrote this week about the history behind the cycle's design, today we're going to show off all five art pieces.

Fated Retribution | Art by Jonas De Ro

Fated Infatuation | Art by Winona Nelson

Fated Return | Art by Peter Mohrbacher

Fated Conflagration | Art by Adam Paquette

Fated Intervention | Art by Svetlin Velinov

There's a good chance we'll see these cards talked about again later this week. And now, when that happens, you'll be able to reference the full art pieces here.

Mike McArtor
Mike McArtor
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Mike is the copyeditor for and steward for both Card of the Day and Decks of the Week. He got his start in editing fantasy-game magazines with almost four years on D&D's Dragon magazine. He lives in Renton with his wife and assorted pets.

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