Verbs of the Gods

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The letter I!t's God Week here at DailyMTG, so let's look at the Gods of—wait... we've already done that. Fortunately, the gods of Theros interact with the plane directly1 , which is reflected in several Theros2  and Born of the Gods cards. So let's look at the art from those cards!

Anger of the Gods | Art by Noah Bradley

Commune with the Gods | Art by Aleksi Briclot

Glimpse the Sun God | Art by Aleksi Briclot

God-Favored General | Art by David Palumbo

Gods Willing | Art by Mark Winters

Sea God's Revenge | Art by Eric Velhagen

1 : Yes, "God-Favored" is an adjective, not a verb. "Parts of Speech of the Gods" just isn't as compelling a title. (return)

2 : No, this entire Arcana wasn't just to feature the awesome Elspeth art on Gods Willing. Except it totally was. (return)

Mike McArtor
Mike McArtor
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Mike is the copyeditor for and steward for both Card of the Day and Decks of the Week. He got his start in editing fantasy-game magazines with almost four years on D&D's Dragon magazine. He lives in Renton with his wife and assorted pets.

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