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The letter C!onspiracies in Conspiracy open a lot of interesting doors; new areas of Magic to explore. One of the new characters we introduce in Conspiracy is Selvala, Explorer Returned.

We introduced her in "Betrayal," the Uncharted Realms last week by Nik Davidson. What I want to show you today is the art of Worldknit.

Worldknit | Art by Adam Paquette

You will discover that she stands on the edge of the High City of Paliano (something which you learn about in today's Uncharted Realms, "The Black Rose" by Matt Knicl), and its gargoyle structures from which she surveys the lands below. I love that when you first glance at the card you think it's just a rock formation and then you realize it's more. And the full art really lets you see it.

I also love that if you look carefully you can realize that all five land types are represented in the distance! That was something included in the art description for the card and illustrated beautifully by Mr. Paquette!

Worldknit sketch | Art by Adam Paquette

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