Announcing From the Vault: Vaults

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The letter C!elebrate the first anniversary of the From the Vault series with the From the Vault: Vaults Limited Edition boxed set. Inside, you'll unlock 15 vault cards from Magic's past and seal your opponent's fate.

No One Is Safe!


  • 15 premium foil vault cards, including 4 with new art from acclaimed illustrators Todd Lockwood, Michael Angelo, Mort V. LeFauth, and Rebecca Guay
  • Features some of the most popular vault cards from Magic's history
  • An exclusive password-locked life counter
  • A collector's guide to famous vaults in Magic history, such as the filing cabinet that held the Coldsnap design file, the safe that contains Richard Garfield's personal Black Lotus collection, and the underground bunker that contains Richard Garfield's personal black Lotus collection.
  • All cards are chrome-bordered and tournament legal. This means that these cards are legal for use in any tournaments held in vaults.

It's our pleasure to announce the complete From the Vault: Vaults card list:

Bottomless Vault
Disciple of the Vault
Hypervault Grasp
Knowledge Vault
Lim-Dûl's Vault
Mana Vault
Mistform Ultimus
Phyrexian Vault
Spoils of the Vault
Time Vault
Vault of Whispers
Mana Crypt
Voltaic Key

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