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The letter T!he 2008 World Championship qualifier on Magic Online is complete, and congratulations go out to Toshinori Shigehara of Japan, who (as "SGGK") fought through the top 8 like this:

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 SGGK   SGGK, 2-0        
8 MongT   SGGK, 2-0
4 a.c.a.i_20006   a.c.a.i_20006, 2-0   SGGK, 2-0
5 Scryb    
2 Kellyn   Kellyn, 2-0
7 hayato777   Kellyn, 2-0
3 nosoupforyou   nosoupforyou, 2-1
6 Archer    

And here's the winning deck:

Winner, Worlds Qualifier (pre-rotation Standard)

If the name "Toshinori Shigehara" sounds familiar to you, that might be because he also won the Worlds Qualifier on Magic Online back in 2004! Here's the deck he won with four years ago:

“tori3” - Toshinori Shigehara, Japan
2004 MTGO World Championship Qualifier - 1st Place

For the rest of this year's Top 8 Decks, check out today's Decks of the Week. And Brian David-Marshall will have an interview with the two-time winner in The Week That Was in a couple of weeks.

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