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The letter M!agic tournaments have given away interesting prizes for years. A cruise. Delicious Kobe beef. Computers. iPods. Cars. Well, we're just skipping to the top.


On Sunday, December 14, 2008, at the Magic World Championship tournament in Memphis, one person will go home with a 14k gold bar embossed with the Magic logo worth $10,000. Or the winner could just take the cash. The important part here is that this is your chance to with ten grand. And even second place gets a display box of Italian Legends. Wanna know how?

First, win a Challenge tournament

The Challenge tournaments are being held at retail stores through the end of November, and the list is right here. There must be one near you, right? And the top two players from each one get an invitation to the big WIN GOLD tournament in Memphis.


Wizards of the Coast will be giving out $10,000 in 14k GOLD at the 2008 World Championships in Memphis, USA. The gold will be melted down and recast into a single bar with the World Championship logo engraved into it.

On Sunday, December 14, Wizards will run the WIN GOLD Championship: an invitation only, Shards of Alara Sealed Deck Tournament. The winner of this tournament will receive the GOLD! Anyone can qualify to play in this tournament in one of 2 ways:

  1. Starting immediately, Advanced-Level WPN locations around the United States will be running WIN GOLD Challenges. Finish in the top 2 of one of the challenges and you are invited!
  2. Four Public Events at the World Championship have been designated "WIN GOLD" events. The top 2 players (top 2 teams for the 2HG event) will qualify for the WIN GOLD Championship.

Additionally, there is a WIN GOLD Challenge being run at the Star City Games $5K Standard event in Philadelphia on December 6.

In addition to the WIN GOLD Championship, Wizards is offering a full slate of exciting public events at the World Championships! Public Events are open to all players and include Pro Tour Qualifiers for PT Kyoto and Honolulu, Grand Trials, a $3000 draft challenge, and many other events with great prizes such as iPods, an xBox Elite system, Foil Shards of Alara sets, digital cameras, and more!

Details and locations of all the WIN GOLD Challenges can be viewed here
Details about the WIN GOLD Championship can be viewed here
The complete World Championship public event schedule can be viewed here.

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