Fallen Empires Tokens

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The letter I!f you've played much with the Fallen Empires set, you'll have noticed that it has a lot of Counters and Tokens. Most people used glass beads or pocket change or dice, but there was an official option as well. Duelist #4 came with a cardboard sheet filled with two-sided punch-out tokens and counters!

Instead of just showing you the counters, we've decided to make a little game of this. Do you know what cards generated which tokens? Do you know when you'd need a Credit Counter or a +1/+2? Note that a couple of these (like the +2/+1 counter) have actually never been used by a card.

Just mouse over a token and a card that requires it will appear!

+2/+1 +2/+2 +0/+1 +2/+2 +2/+2 -2/-2 -2/-2 -1/-1 +1/+1 -0/-1 -0/-1 -1/-0 -1/-1 +1/-1 +1/+1 +1/+2 +1/+2 +1/+0 goblin saproling citizen thrull camarid thrull camarid saproling goblin citizen tide credit spore spore net javelin time
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