Zendikar Plains

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The letter L!et's talk for a moment about basic lands. It will surely come as no surprise that Zendikar (the next large expansion set, which has prereleases on September 26-27 and previews here on starting on September 7) has them. If, for example, you were to open a Zendikar Intro Pack, you might well find these two Plains cards.

Ah! But what if you get your lands from a Zendikar booster pack or the fat pack? Well, then you'll get lands that look more like these!

There are two more Plains we're not showing you, because we like to maintain a sense of inscrutable mystery. Tune in tomorrow, though, and we'll show you two of the Islands!

Oh, and if you're wondering what the full art for these Plains looks like, wonder no longer!

Zendikar Plains art by Jung Park

Zendikar Plains art by Vincent Proce

Mana Cost
Type Line
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Artist Credit
Power/Toughness or Loyalty

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