Metallic Dreams

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The letter P!lanechase is coming on September 4! Refresh yourself on the rules here, then prepare to purchase! Each deck will have an MSRP of $19.99. Today, we're going to tell you what's in the Metallic dreams deck. We'll show you the plane deck first, then move on to the sixty-card Magic deck. And watch for the Zendikar preview card!

Metallic Dreams

The "Metallic Dreams" deck uses the power of artifacts to quickly produce the mana needed to cast powerful, mana-hungry creatures. Planeswalk to the Hippodrome to bog down combat while you amass your forces, then demolish the opposition.

Plane Card
Alara Bant
Equilor The Eon Fog
Lorwyn Goldmeadow
Segovia The Hippodrome
Dominaria Krosa
Alara The Maelstrom
Kamigawa Minamo
Mirrodin Panopticon
Serra's Realm Sanctum of Serra
Ravnica Undercity Reaches

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