Zombie Empire

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The letter P!lanechase is coming on September 4! Refresh yourself on the rules here, then prepare to purchase! Each deck will have an MSRP of $19.99. Today, we're going to tell you what's in the Zombie Empire deck, which is designed specifically to work with its Planar deck. We'll show you the planar deck first, then move on to the sixty-card Magic deck. And watch for the Zendikar preview card!

Zombie Empire

The "Zombie Empire" deck rises up to take down opponents' creatures while growing an army of shambling undead. Then planeswalk to Grixis, a hellscape that rewards a plentiful graveyard. Your zombie forces should feel right at home.

Plane Card
Iquatana The Æther Flues
Mercadia Cliffside Market
Ulgrotha The Dark Barony
Moag Fields of Summer
Phyrexia The Fourth Sphere
Alara Grixis
Arkhos Lethe Lake
Pools of Becoming
Shadowmoor Raven's Run
Rabiah Sea of Sand

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