The Secrets of the Eye

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The letter T!he Eye of Ugin. What is it, really? The flavor text of Ghostfire says "Only those gifted with the eye of Ugin, the spirit dragon, can see his fiery breath." But that makes it sound like a physical eye. Which is only fair. After all, Ugin presumably has (or is it had?) at least one eye, whoever he is.

But what about the legendary land? What is it? Where is it? And what secrets does it hold? Well, we're about to show you. First you'll get a good look at the Eye of Ugin, then, when your curiosity has consumed you and you absolutely can take no more suspense, go ahead and click on it. But beware! Because the secrets of the Eye are not for the faint-hearted!

Eye of Ugin | Art by James Paick

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