Magic 2011 Intro Packs

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The letter L!isten. This is important.

Starting with Magic 2011, intro packs are going to be sixty cards. And they still come with a 15-card booster! The MSRP, if you are curious (and why wouldn't you be?) is $12.99.

Now, how about we take a look at these (sixty-card) decks?

Blades of Victory

Command an army of knights and soldiers and slice through the opposition using this deck of righteous power. With angels at your side and Angelic Arbiter at the forefront of the battle, can victory be far behind?

Power of Prophecy

Seize control of your opponents’ forces, manipulate the flow of battle, and leave your opposition confused and disoriented. Gain knowledge of the future and use Conundrum Sphinx to hasten your foretold dominance.

Reign of Vampirism

Unleash a horde of the undead! As your army of vampires descends upon your opponent, your Captivating Vampire will boost your odds of victory.

Breath of Fire

Play with fire and burn your opponent with this deck packed with direct damage. Heat things up to a fever pitch with Ancient Hellkite, a big flier with one thing in mind: ending the game.

Stampede of Beasts

Summon monstrous beasts, wurms, and hydras, and use them to stomp your opponent’s forces like insects. Then cast Overwhelming Stampede to give your forces a lethal boost of power.

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