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The letter Y!ou know what Magic needs? More multiplayer formats. We've got Free-for-All, we've got Archenemy, and we've got Two-Headed Giant. But that's what we've got. What have you got?

We've created the Magic Community Labs to find out. Everyone has their own local rules, right? Well, what happens if there's a place where your house rules bump up against other people's house rules and create new house rules? Well, presumably new ideas would be created, right? Whole new forms of life! Well, new forms of multiplayer, anyway.

And we're going to sweeten the pot a little. Once the brainstorming and alchemy has taken place, we want you to let us know what you've come up with. And we'll pick the idea we like best and then we'll run it as a special even at Gen Con!

The community group has dedicated forums and wikis for you to use in this endeavor; all they need is your brains!

We'll be looking at the new formats on July 16th and selecting one for an event at Gen Con on August 8th.


  • Use the Magic Community Labs wiki and forums to develop any kind of new multiplayer format you like.
  • Work together or on your own.
  • Seek advice from other community members if you like.
  • Run your own playtests or ask other members to try it out.
  • When you've got it just how you like it, put it in the Magic Community Labs section of the Multiplayer Wiki and submit the link to the Official Submission Thread in the Magic Community Labs forums by July 16, 2010 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time.
  • We'll look through the formats and pick one that would make a great event at Gen Con.
  • That event will take place on August 8th.
  • Keep submitting and working on new ideas. That's what Magic Community Labs is all about.
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