The Legion of Hill Giants

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The letter S!ince the dawn of Magic, the term for a vanilla 3/3 that costs 3 ManaRed Mana has been "Hill Giant."

There have been numerous creatures at that power, toughness, and precise cost that also had abilities like leveling up, destroying defenders, and, um, becoming colorless, but the noble tradition of the vanilla 3/3 has lived on. Behold!

Hill Giant

Some would call Hill Giant the Trope Namer. It was in every core set other than Sixth Edition, Magic 2010, and Magic 2011.

Tor Giant

Ice Age wanted its own spin on the Hill Giant. If it had been "Snow-covered Hill Giant," maybe it would have made it in. But instead, Tor Giant and his groovy mustache entered the scene.

Ogre Warrior

While Hill Giant was in the original Portal, the other starter sets (Portal Second Age, Starter 1999, and Portal 2000) had their own version: a mean-looking ogre with a dangerous weapon.

Barbarian Horde

Giants would have been out of flavor for the Chinese-inspired Portal Three Kingdoms, so the 3/3 du jour was instead a bunch of barbarians.

Wild Jhovall

For Mercadian Masques, the creative team dispensed with the bipedal concept altogether!

Canyon Minotaur

After an initial appearance in Conflux, this mighty minotaur filled the original Giant's shoes for Magic 2010 and Magic 2011.

Lagac Lizard

That brings us up to this year, in which Rise of the Eldrazi introduced the latest member of the Hill Giant lineage.

Bonus Section

Other colors also sometimes get Hill Giants. Mixed in with the huge number of "Hill Giants with abilities" (or sometimes drawbacks) are a few vanilla ones. Blue has Giant Octopus (which is actually the smaller of Magic's two non-Changeling, non-Mistform Ultimus octopus creatures):

And white has two, one from Portal Three Kingdoms and one from Portal Second Age. Incidentally, check out the way Trokin High Guard is equipped. Who let a gun in here?

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