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The letter A!re some of your friends getting left behind when you head to Friday Night Magic? Are they stuck at the kitchen table while you're out meeting new friends, winning cool foil prize cards, and having truckloads* of fun? With Event Decks, the can easily get involved!

But wait, maybe you're one of those players. Are you looking for a competitive deck right out of the box? Are you ready for truckloads* of fun? With Event Decks, you can easily get involved!

Event Decks are designed to be strong, capable Standard-legal decks. If not being able to find the right deck is keeping you, or someone you know, home on Friday nights (or any other night your Magic community gathers), this may be just the deck you're looking for.

Each Event Deck is 60 cards, plus a 15-card sideboard—ready for all of your dueling needs! Also included: a Spindown life counter and strategy guide to help pilot your deck to victory. Best of all, they'll be available on February 25, 2011, just in time for Mirrodin Besieged Game Day taking place on March 5-6!

* In scientific studies, Event Decks found to deliver 16.92 truckloads of fun. Actual results may vary.

Find an FNM Near You!
Find an FNM Near You!
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