A Closer Look at Asceticism

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The letter S!cars of Mirrodin's Asceticism is a clear call-back to the original Mirrodin's Troll Ascetic, turning all your creatures into regenerating, holy-crap-is-that-better-than-shroud-having monsters (and implying, incidentally, that Troll Ascetic's unique properties are due at least as much to being an ascetic as to being a troll). But in addition to being a call-back, Asceticism was also a call-forward—to Mirrodin Besieged.

Who's that lone figure standing among the trees? Let's take a closer look.

Yeah, that guy looks familiar, all right. Definitely some kind of Troll Ascetic. But that could be any old troll hermit, right?

Not so! As the flavor text of Asceticism suggests, there's only one troll left on the plane of Mirrodin: the outcast Thrun, the Last Troll. Check 'em out side by side:

Asceticism | Illustration by Daarken

Thrun, the Last Troll | Illustration by Jason Chan

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