Magic 2012 Core Set Boosters

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The letter I!t's time to look at some booster packs for the Magic 2012 Core Set. Are you ready? You probably are. Even if you don't think you are, let's do it anyway. Who knows, you might surprise yourself with how ready you are. The readiness was inside you all along!

We start with an easy one. That's clearly Garruk. No problem.

This? It's some kind of sphinx. A cool one, if the art is anything to go by.

What would a core set be without a demon? This is actually a rhetorical question, because Magic was demon-less for a few years. But we have demons again. And this would appear to be one of them!

Oh, hi, Chandra!

And we close with an impressive armored figure. Hooray! Now let's take a look at the display box that will handsomely enclose these boosters.

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