2011 Vintage Championship Award

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The letter E!very year, the Vintage Championship is held at Gen Con. And since 2003, the winner has gotten an oversized alternate-art version of a well-known card. We've gone through Black Lotus, Timetwister, Ancestral Recall, and all five Moxen (which you can see here.

Careful readers will note that we've done eight cards, and they're all in the Power Nine. So can you guess what this year's card is? Correct! So here's the special alternate art for Time Walk, which will be on an oversized card that goes to whoever wins the 2011 Vintage Championship!

2011 Vintage Championship Alternate Art Time Walk | Art by Chris Rahn

And as long as we've got your attention, you might be interested to know that the 2011 Legacy Championship is also giving away an alternate-art oversized card. Say hello to Force of Will!

2011 Legacy Championship Alternate Art Force of Will | Art by Matt Stewart

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