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The letter D!id you think there wouldn't be a lot of Magic happening at PAX Prime? That's crazy! Why would you think that? It's in Seattle, which is very close to Wizards of the Coast's headquarters. Some of us (like me!) actually drive past the Convention Center every day on our way to work. It's going to be full of Magic!

So let's take a look at some of the action that will fill the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington from August 26-28!

You'll definitely want to stop by the Wizards of the Coast booth to get your first look at the expansion for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. And there's going to be a big party on Saturday night that will have Innistrad information that will blow your mind. But let's say you're not here for the big, exciting events. Why is that? What's the matter with you? Well, whatever it is, if it can be treated with Magic tournaments, you're in luck!

Paper Magic Tournaments

As soon as the hall opens, the Magic Into Pack league kicks off. And if you're playing in that, you get free entry into specified Standard tournaments. And there's a Commander League and Win-a-Box tournaments and, oh, just all sorts of tournaments. You should probably just look at the complete list of Paper Magic Tournaments.

Magic Online Tournaments

PAX was created mostly for celebration of digital games, so of course Magic Online is going to be there. Magic 2012 Drafts and Sealed Deck tournaments will be going on all weekend. Whee!

Ascend into Darkness – The Magic Innistrad Party

Seriously, you definitely want to be at this party on the evening of Saturday, August 27. You'll be able to earn an invitation by participating in PAX Prime. Stop by the Wizards of the Coast booth for details!

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