So Many Zombies

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The letter H!ere's the art description for Army of the Damned.

Color: Black spell

Action: We're inside a ramshackle cottage in the country, under attack by zombies. The point of view is from the hapless humans trapped inside. We’re at the moment when the zombies are breaking through – their arms and horrifying faces are coming through the boarded-up windows, through the door blockaded with dressers and trunks, and so on. Maybe they're even climbing up through a hole they've ripped in the floor.

Focus: The giant horde of zombies

Mood: You can't run. You can't hide. They’re everywhere!

The art description doesn't mention how many zombies should be included, but the card makes thirteen at a shot. So, just how many of them are coming to get you, Barbara?

Army of the Damned | Art by Ryan Pancoast

Well, there are a lot of zombies in there, so they're kind of hard to count. Let's just count the zombies whose faces (or eyes) we can see.

Click here to count the zombies!

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