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The letter H!ey. You're looking good today. But, and please don't take offense at this, you could look even better. What if you got some Magic-themed bags, shirts, belts, and iPhone covers? Right? That would make you look great. That would make you feel great! And by an astonishing coincidence, several companies have Magic merchandise going on sale right now. Check it out:

Red Monkey

Red Monkey makes unique, hand-built leather accessories embodying the spirit of rock n’ roll. Inspired by the rugged, lived-in character of vintage western wear and classic American motorcycle leathers, Red Monkey leather goods are designed to break-in and get even better with age. For Magic, they're making a range of bags, belts, and cuffs.

More products available at Red Monkey


Incipio started out in a suburban garage and after 12 years is widely recognized as one of the most innovative mobile accessory makers in the world. They provide electronic accessories that look as good as they function. For Magic, they're making a number of iPhone cases, some of which are shown here.

More products available at Incipio

Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine defines excellence in the art of T-shirt making. Their fresh and forward approach is to take a brand’s intellectual property and transform it into cool graphics that tell a story. Their shirts for Magic include Planeswalkers and loyalty symbols.

More products available at Mighty Fine


Zazzle lets you create a variety of branded products with images supplied by Wizards of the Coast. We're launching with 38 classic and modern Magic images to choose from.

More products available at Zazzle


UltraPro is the leading manufacturer of trading card game sleeves and deck boxes. They make Magic portfolios, card storage boxes, deck boxes, sleeves, and playmats.

More products available at UltraPro


IDW is the publisher of the new Magic: The Gathering comic book featuring Dack Fayden, the greatest thief in the Multiverse. When he gets his hands on his latest prize, though, he has no idea where it will lead him—or to whom!

More products available at IDW

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