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The letter T!wo weeks ago, we announced a contest that related to Underworld Awakening, which will hit movie theatres tomorrow, January 20, 2012. To refresh your memory of the movie, here's the trailer again.

The Grand Prize was a Sony Tablet S (with cradle, screen protector, AC adaptor, and an entertainment bundle), a signed poster from Underworld Awakening, 72 Innistrad boosters, and a free screening of Underworld Awakening for the winner and up to a hundred guests!

The second-place winners will each receive six Innistrad boosters and a pack of Underworld Awakening swag including a T-shirt, a poster, a soundtrack CD, and a ticket to see the movie.

We received so many great entries talking about a lot of great WPN stores it was hard to choose the winners. As a thank you to everyone that send in their essay we will be sending them their own copy of the 2011 Holiday card "Yule Ooze".

The winner is Alex Bastecki, who wrote the following essay about The Adventurer's Guild in Harrisburg, PA.

Why is my local store a great place to go?

This one is easy.
Having a play space to play Magic, D&D and board games
Even when they aren't scheduled.

A place where attendance has almost
Doubled for drafts and FNMs since the new owner took over in the fall, where even he will battle
Vintage with his customers.
Everyone in the store gets along,
Nurturing a community setting where all are welcome to play.
The midnight Magic prereleases allow players their first chance to howl at the moon while playing
Until the sun comes up the next day.
Rolling critical hits make the Dungeon Masters cringe during our D&D Encounters, who play beside
Every level of Magic player, from the casual Commander player to competitive level grinders.
Rarely will you find a time where something is not going on, whether it be
Slinging spells from a Pauper cube or rolling critical hits against a Dungeon Master.

Guiding the transformation of the store is Jason,
Under whom, with his crew of Tournament Organizers, Dungeon Masters, and Magic Judges, are
Improving not only the rich wealth of programs of the WPN system, but the
Look and feel of the store, giving players a place they can proud to be
Doing the things they love.

Here are the second-place winners:

Name State/Province   Name State/Province
Aaron Miller IN   John G. McCollum IN
Andrew Peter McLaren MD   Jon Prive PA
Austin Asano CA   JuQuan Williams MI
Brendan Dunne OR   Justin Cronin ME
Brian Stuhlemmer ON   Justin Dull MD
Brice Peter UT   Justin Gennari RI
Caitlin Nestick TX   Justin L. McIntyre AB
Cameron Simpson CA   K.J. Hamzehloo TX
Christopher Bradbury UT   Kaitlynn Gokey FL
Cody Allen Whited NV   Katharine Bailey PA
Cody Dame NE   Matthew Johnson IL
David Carrigg NH   Matthew Johnson MI
David Gerlach UT   Max Levin NJ
Dillon Rosin FL   Michael K Miles KY
Gentry Thurman OR   Michael Ringer BC
Giao Pham CA   Parker May TX
Henry Fitch NC   Raymond Nee MD
Ian Krueger NE   Robert Koyich BC
Jack Busbee TN   Scott Van Essen CA
Jacqui Whitmore IL   Shane Campbell BC
James Ferry TX   Shawn O'Rourke AZ
James Wilson IN   Steven J. Stewart ID
Jason Jacobs FL   Susan Stadler MT
Jennifer Duran WY   Travis Wong MN
Jeremy Mombourquette RI   Xiao Wen Zhao AB

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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