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The letter L!et's say this is what your Planeswalker Points page looks like:

You've probably got more points than that, since you get to play in tournaments and such, but just go along with this for a second. Let's say you've been looking for a way to have an automatically-updated tag for your forum signature that will show people when you go up a level. Well, good news! Because the new Scorecard feature is exactly that!

All you do is click on the handsome "Scorecard" tab and you'll be taken to this page:

Here, you'll get to choose between three different pieces of art to represent your current level. And then there are two different dimensions of scorecard, each available as either Flash of a flat image, that you can paste into your forum signature. Or put it on your website. Or do whatever else you like, really.

As you collect Planeswalker Points and progress through levels, your scorecard will update automatically. If you change your level art, that will also be reflected in your scorecard.

And every time the name of your level changes, you'll have a new set of three pieces of art to choose from. So levels one through five ("Prodigy") can choose from what you see here, and Apprentices have their own sets, and so on all the way up to Archmages.

Obviously, you're now wondering, "What about other social media channels?" Well, if you glance up again at that first picture, you might notice icons for Facebook and Twitter. Here's what happens on the Facebook one:

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