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The letter T!he Dark Ascension Launch Party starts on Friday. That means that it's the first time you can go to your local store and purchase some Dark Ascension! And it also means fun fun fun! The kind of fun that comes with alternate-art promos just for participating, while supplies last!

And the existence of alternate art means Arcana fodder, since we again get to look at how two different artists interpret the same art direction. And since it's a double-faced card, we get to do that twice. Let's go!

Mondronen Shaman

Color: Red creature

Location: Unimportant

Action: The camera is tight on a person's face with one creepy blood-red eye and normal eye (gender is your choice). He/she is holding a candle that burns with red flame. The face is lit entirely by the candle. This is a fire-wielding shaman who becomes a werewolf.

Focus: The shaman

Mood: My soul is split in half.

Mondronen Shaman | Art by Mike Sass

Alternate-Art Launch Party Mondronen Shaman | Art by Anthony Palumbo

Tovolar's Magehunter

Color: Red creature

Location: Outside at night

Action: Show the Mondronen Shaman transformed into a werewolf. The werewolf also has one red eye and one normal eye. Show the werewolf springing toward the viewer. A blood-red full moon is in the background framing the werewolf. The camera should be close enough for us to appreciate the eye colors.

Focus: The werewolf

Mood: This is my "better" half.

Tovolar's Magehunter | Art by Mike Sass

Alternate-Art Launch Party Tovolar's Magehunter | Art by Anthony Palumbo

The Cards

(Incidentally, notice how in both versions, the red eye is in pretty much the same place on the frame when you transform the card to the other side?)

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