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The letter A!t 8:41 AM yesterday, Community Manager Mike Robles used the @wizards_magic Twitter account to tweet this:

@wizards_magic (Mike) Hey guys. Let's have some fun today. Chandra: Valentine, you set fire to my heart. #mtgvalentines

This proved pretty popular! Before we list our (arbitrarily chosen) favorites, here are a few more that Mike Robles and Magic Assistant Brand Manager Jennifer Meyen came up with:

Garruk: You can be my companion any day, Valentine.
Chandra: Valentine, you set fire to my heart.
Sarkhan: I'm "Mad" for you, Valentine.
Jace: Valentine, my fate was sealed when you bounced into my life.
Mikaeus: My love for you is undying.
Koth: Valentine, your love hits me like a hammer.
Grimgrin: GGGGRRRRRRRAAARRRR, Valentine.
Omnath: You fill my mana pool completely.
Ajani: You're purr-fect, Valentine.
I'd wander through Scrublands, Badlands, and the Desert for you, Valentine.
Elspeth: Valentine, You're the token of my affection.
My love for you is Unhinged.
I'd first pick you any day.
Karn: Restart my heart, Valentine.
Liliana: Are you a-veil-able to be my Valentine?
Nissa: I choo, choo, choose you.
You're a Kinder"Catch".
Let's take a Time Walk & spend the years together.
I W/U/B you.

Now, here are some of our favorite #mtgvalentines tweets from the community. As this Arcana was being put together, the hashtag was still very active, so be sure to check #mtgvalentines to see the whole list.

@fullmetal779 A lions-eye diamond is a girl’s best friend #mtgvalentines

@Writer1007 #mtgvalentines Spellskite: all of my love targets you

@dantack I ponder my increasing devotion to my valentine Jace in quiet speculation. He drew me a card today! #mtgvalentines

@ChrisWarcraft Merieke Ri Berit, you stole my heart, and I'll die if you give it back. #mtgvalentines

@ThaGatherin I searched all over the land, but you finally cured my Wandering Eye #mtgvalentines

@Kersimus Nissa, let me be your chosen #mtgvalentines

@inkwell_looter Oh Hidetsugu, you can have MY heart! #mtgvalentines

@laureninspace Platinum Angel: When I'm with you, I can never lose! #mtgvalentines

@kerrydan #mtgvalentines Without your love, I am One with Nothing.

@SaderMatt I'm single, but I don't care. Only saving money on Gifts Ungiven. #mtgvalentines

Mother's Day is only three and a half weeks away. Start thinking of #mtgmothersday tweets now!

(Note: It has been brought to our attention that since it's still February, Mother's Day is actually two and a half months away. And that would make the phrase "three and a half weeks" incorrect. We regret the error and encourage you to come back and read the preceding paragraph on April 18, when it will be accurate.)

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