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PAX East

The letter A!re you going to PAX East? If you are, there are a lot of Magic-related things you'll want to know about. If you're not, you can use this opportunity to construct an elaborate fantasy life in which you are going!

First of all, you know the bag you get when you show up? It usually has a program in it and some handouts? This year, it's Magic-themed! And it's really nice, too. It's got a drawstring that turns it into a backpack. You'll enjoy it! It's got a little Magic-themed surprise in it that we can't tell you about yet. But here's a hint: You wear it on your head. Now, here are some things we can tell you about.

The Magic: The Gathering Booth: It will be full of Magic! And it wil also be full of Magic swag from Red Monkey, Incipio, and Mighty Fine. Take a look at the kind of thing we're talking about and then stop by the booth to buy some!

The Magic: The Gathering Panel: Saturday, April 7, from 4:30-5:30 in the Cat Theater. We can't tell you everything that's going to happen there, but we can definitely tell you that there will be Avacyn Restored previews. And other things!

The Magic Online Cube: For 64 lucky players, it starts at 4:00 PM on Friday in the LAN Area. Here's more information. And about an hour after it starts at PAX East, it'll be playable across all of Magic Online!

Team Unicorn: Play both paper Magic and Duels of the Planeswalkers against Team Unicorn at our booth!

Playing Magic: There's an Intro Pack League. There are eight-player tournaments all weekend long. There are Commander tournaments. There are Limited Commander tournaments. There are drafts where each player receives three random boosters. There's Legacy. There's Minimaster. In fact, here's the full list.

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