White-Black Control

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Standard is full of powerful control elements—and it turns out you don't even need access to blue to use them all! Magic Online player AliEnWaRe_ built up a black control deck that touched a little white for some extra board sweepers, took it into a Daily Event, and finished with a 3–1 record. The primary kill condition? Sorin's Vengeance! Let's take a look.

It turns out that when you have a strong supply of board sweepers and powerful removal spells in the format, each card is so powerful that you don't necessarily need blue card drawing to glue it all together! Terminus, Black Sun's Zenith, Ratchet Bomb, Curse of Death's Hold, Oblivion Ring, and Go for the Throat all put a quick end to your opponent's attackers.

Once the coast is clear, it's time to deploy your win conditions. Lingering Souls can get in for some damage—or chump block to buy time if necessary—but the main way this deck seals things up is with a Sorin package. Running two Sorin Markov and a whopping four Sorin's Vengeance, this deck rules the long game. Back-to-back Sorin's Vengeance will slay most opponents, and even if their life totals are higher than 20 the one-two punch of Sorin Markov's -3 ability and his Vengeance equals game over.

The deck also has a neat artifact package as well. Solemn Simulacrum and Ichor Wellspring alongside Phyrexia's Core and Buried Ruin help give you some extra cards and provide some extra gas if the game goes on.

Black-based control is always a lot of fun to play and can consistently answer creature after creature. You won't want to miss this decklist—give it a try at Friday Night Magic tonight!

AliEnWaRe_'s White-Black Control
Standard – Magic Online Daily Event #3974610

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