Elf Surge

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The letter I! don't know about you, but big spells excite me. Sure, they might not always be the most reliable of things, but when you finally get to cast them, big things happen. Cruel Ultimatum might be the poster child for expensive tournament staples, but plenty of others have succeeded. Genesis Wave has seen moderate play in the past few years. Enduring Ideal was a tournament-winning deck in old Extended. Even Obliterate has seen its fair share of success. That said, none of those cost ten!

Primal Surge might be the most powerful effect in Standard, but at a price tag that is so far out there it is difficult to justify it as a legitimate card. Then, once you have conjured up a way to actually cast it, you need to refine your deck to eliminate as many instants and sorceries as possible! Sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but with the help of some pointed-eared friends, Josh Blackborow proposed the following list that TCGPlayer columnist Christopher Morris-Lent wrote about recently.

The list plays similar to the previous Elfball strategy that looked to fuel out a big Tooth and Nail as quickly as possible. This one needs to get an additional mana, though, and the restrictions on your deck certainly hurt, but this is definitely the most viable home for Primal Surge I have seen yet. Gilded Lotus and Thragtusk pitch in from Magic 2013, but appearances by Shrine of Boundless Growth and Palladium Myr might be the most startling, as we haven't seen those guys since Scars of Mirrodin Limited! This deck looks like a ton of fun, though, for both the FNM crowd as well as the tournament hopeful!

Josh Blackborow's Primal Surge

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