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The letter I!f you are not familiar with Legacy as a format, you are missing out on some of the coolest interactions and decks in Magic. The biggest thing separating Legacy from newer formats, though, is power level. Once you combine cool interactions and flashy finishers with speed and precision like Legacy has access to, dangerous things can come about. For example, did you know there is a deck that wins on the first turn more than half the time, if left unchecked?

Well, there is, and it is commonly referred to as Belcher, after namesake card Goblin Charbelcher. Belcher decks are built with one thing in mind: speed. The deck looks to punish any fair decks in the format, those content with casting creatures and removal spells, by going over the top in unrivaled fashion. While other decks are casting Wild Nacatl, you are assessing your hand to see if you can reach seven mana and therefore a win with Goblin Charbelcher, or enough storm count to power out a giant Empty the Warrens. And it can do both of these things fairly reliably as soon as the first turn.

You see, the list plays only a single land, which maximizes the damage Charbelcher can do. Land Grant helps to make sure you don't even get unlucky and hit that single land, though, all the while adding to your storm count for free and almost turning into a Ritual. Speaking of Rituals, the deck plays plenty of them, along with just about every free cantrip you can think of. The deck does not fare all that well against decks playing Force of Will or Duress effects, though, which is easily the biggest weakness. Corbin Rudnick took this list all the way to the finals of an StarCityGames Open in St. Louis recently, and if you look closely, you might even notice one peculiar trait about the list. No sideboard!

Corbin Rudnick's Belcher
Legacy – Top 8, StarCityGames Open, St. Louis

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