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The letter I!f you have been following competitive Magic much over the past eight years or so, you know that at times, green has had it rough. It was almost not a color that mattered at certain points in our recent history, and that never felt good for the green mage. Over the past few years though, green has both caught up and surpassed many other colors in plenty of categories, cementing itself as a legitimate threat in Constructed Magic. In Standard, much of the green we have seen has come from red-green strategies or in Birthing Pod decks, but most green decks are a variation on one of those. With Magic 2013, we get to add mono-green to the list, and likely something similar to the list Austin Fritz played at last weekend's StarCityGames Open in St. Louis.

Austin took the old standby in Red-Green Aggro and converted into something with a little more zest. He wanted to incorporate the newest Ajani into the deck, and although there only remains one copy of the newest cat, the deck still supports it wonderfully. Eight different sources to play three-drops on turn two is quite powerful, and this list has its pick of powerful three-drops to choose from. Blade Splicer is the most straightforward play, but a Birthing Pod, Sword, or Ajani all offer different types of pressure on an opponent.

Thragtusk makes another appearance and this time without the aid of Green Sun's Zenith. That spells wonderful things for this card's future, as it is not just being seen as a one-of utility target. Here, it offers a robust late game and one of the most powerful synergies you will find in Restoration Angel. With the Angel flickering a Thragtusk, you get both a 3/3 and 5 life, not to mention the 5/3 remains in play, likely dodging some removal spell. That alone has me excited by these two colors together and you should look for this style of list to be a player in the near future!

Austin Fritz's Green-White Aggro
Legacy – StarCityGames Open, St. Louis

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