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The letter S!o, recently, we have had quite a few decks emerge that take poison in a different direction. Of course, they all want to bring you from 0 to 10 poison counters in one way or another, but there have been many differences as well. The speed of the attack. The method of evasion. Swarm or solo. But we have most certainly not seen it all yet, and with Scars of Mirrodin only having a few months left in Standard, we will have to see if this surge continues—much like today's list! In the last couple weeks, we looked at a mono-black list, as well as an infect list,so I thought a combination of the two would be appropriate!

Instead of moving all in on a single target as quickly as possible, Javier Remy's Mono-Black Infect is able to slow the game down and grind out a long one. Cards like Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon go over the top of what most infect creatures are capable of, which already poses a bigger threat for most decks, but once you factor in other pesky problems like Phyrexian Crusader or Inkmoth Nexus, there ends up being too many problems to have answers for. This deck can also play control pretty well, too!

Against another aggressive deck, Mono-Black Infect can unload its suite of removal and sit back waiting for the right moment to turn it into offense mode. Virulent Wound and Tezzeret's Gambit help make sure you are still piling on the infect while you control the board, setting up a single lethal attack. This is available to you through Lashwrithe, much in the same way that Runechanter's Pike got the job done in Mono-Blue. Lashwrithe offers a free equip cost, though, which is vital for speed's sake, and a body on the cast, which is vital for the control portion of the deck. Javier was able to get what he wanted out of infect at last weekend's TCGPlayer Open in Orlando. Have you found which variety you like best?

Javier Remy's Mono-Black Infect
Standard – Top 16, TCGPlayer Open 5K, Orlando

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